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Cosmetic Dentistry Based in Northwest Washington, DC

When you turn to Dr. Michael Landy DDS in Washington, DC, with all your cosmetic dentistry needs, you get the smile you've always wanted at a price you can afford. Give our dental office a call today to learn more about our services and find out how we can help you.


These state-of-the-art, aesthetically superb, ultra-thin, porcelain dental veneers require little or no invasive tooth reduction! LUMINEERS are a much more conservative approach to cosmetic dentistry. We can improve your teeth's strength and appearance with a technique that is almost completely noninvasive.


Comfortably correct crowded, excessively spaced and rotated teeth, deep overbites and flared out, protruded front teeth, typically in 6 to 12 months to achieve the beautiful smile you always wanted and deserved for much less than the cost of traditional orthodontics, using clear aligners that eliminate the need to place metal bands and wires for 2-3 years. Remove the aligners when you have a meal to facilitate the maintenance of your oral hygiene and minimize your visits to the dentist (usually once every 2-3 months during Invisalign treatment). Sounds amazing, but it can be done very predictably. Call us for more information and free consult.

Implant Dentistry

Replace missing teeth without the need to modify perfectly healthy adjacent teeth. Implants can achieve an extremely durable, long-lasting restorative result and help improve your teeth's function as well as their cosmetic appearance.

Aesthetic Ceramics

Aesthetic ceramics are used to create beautiful and highly durable crown and bridge dental restorations. To learn more about this procedure, please call us today.

Snap-On Smile

This is an exciting new product that provides a more affordable alternative to dentures or implants. It also produces an immediate benefit in terms of improving your bite (occlusion) and creating a luxurious, glorious smile.

Cosmetic Bleaching

We use the newest materials available, allowing you to spend only a few minutes per day, for about a week, in our office to achieve a long-lasting tooth whitening result. Even better, there aren't any prohibitive costs, like those associated with more complicated and uncomfortable techniques.
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